Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney World

On Thursday, the boys and I left super early to head to Disney. We followed my friend, Theresa, her brother, sister-in-law, and two kids all the way to Florida. It was only a six hour trip so we were able to go to the Magic Kingdom for half of the day. I was very greatful that Theresa's brother, Pete and sister-in-law, Jenny were there to help out with the kids. We were able to ride a few rides and the kids had a blast. On Friday morning, we hung out by the hotel pool, the after nap time went to the Animal Kingdom for the safari. We were able to see the animals pretty close up, so it was fun. We then headed back to the Magic Kingdom and waited for Jeff and Theresa's husband to meet us. We were pretty happy to see them after two days by ourselves with the kids. Saturday morning we headed to the Disney Hollywood studios. The kids were excited to see all the characters from the cartoons that they like. Although, when they actually got up close, they were pretty scared. The characters are a lot bigger in person then on TV. We woke up Sunday morning to rain, so we took it slow getting ready hoping it would stop by the time we got to the Animal Kingdom. It finally stopped around 1 and we had a really good time on the safari and seeing all the animals. Overall, it was a really good trip and the kids had a lot of fun. Hopefully, we will try again in a few more years when they will actually be able to remember. John and Grace

The lolli pops weren't a very good idea.

Jack and Brandon. Brandon is sporting big sister's Little Mermaid sunglasses.